Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barcelona Uno

We arrived in Barcelona to find a beautiful city rich in history.  Our local guide Jose tells us that the city has an Art Nouveau style.  Early on we noticed the Catalan flags and the 'free Catalonia' signs, as there is increasing interest in having this area sucede from Spain.

We drive by Palaza Espana Barcelona with a statue in the center and beautiful buildings around the perimeter.  We also see the old bull ring which has been converted into a shopping mall with restaurants and services as well.  We saw the Congress of Barcelona's building and stopped for photos at the Olympic Stadium from 1992.

There are lots of museums throughout the city, but a cluster of them along the hillside of the Montserrat Mountain.

Outside the Cathedral we saw the Saladana dancers.  We peeked into the cathedral while Mass was starting.  We saw the Gothic District, the busiest area of the city and we went to the harbor where some of us dipped our toes into the Sea!

We saw the pop art installations and the Olympic village area, which housed 15,000 athletes.  We also stopped at the old Roman Forum, which still has three columns.  We then headed down the busy street Las Ramblas - lined with shops and thousands of people.  We also saw the Market briefly (trying not to get lost!) which was so impressive!

After our tour we had dinner on our own - many went to the top of the renovated bull ring for impressive views.  Some were able to catch one of the water fountain shows at Plaza Espana.


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